Alumni Awards

During the annual Dogwood Alumni Luncheon, the Alumni Awards recognize the exceptional achievement of our Alumni in the areas of career achievement, service to King University, and community leadership.

The Alumni Office invites you to nominate individuals you believe represent the awards criteria as defined below.   

To nominate a candidate for an award, click here


Distinguished Alumni of the Year Award

The King University Alumni Office presents the annual Distinguished Alumni of the Year award to King University alumni who have made worthy contributions in many areas of life, particularly in the areas of the “Three C’s,” which are college, church, and community. This award is intended to recognize King alumni who exemplify the values that King College upholds: Christian faith, service, career, and scholarship. The award may be given to one or more individuals or a couple.

2016 Recipients: Dr. W. Patrick Flannagan, '74
Elizabeth L. Flannagan, '74
William R. English, '58

2015 Recipient:    Brig. Gen. Rodney D. Fogg, '87

2014 Recipient:    Dr. J. Thomas Lewis, '61

2013 Recipients:  The Class of 1963  

2012 Recipient:    Jon P. Harr, '87

2011 Recipient:    Dr. Charles "Vic" Briscoe,  '52
2010 Recipient:    John M. Blackburn, '73

2009 Recipient:    Liesa Jenkins, ‘80
2008 Recipient:    Paul Montgomery, ‘74
2007 Recipient:    Max Weaver, '58
2006 Recipients:  William G. Adams, '56
 Jane Adams Boyd, '57
2005 Recipient:    Dr. James Stiltner, '57

Young Alumni Achievement Award

The Young Alumni Achievement Award recognizes those who are established and future leaders among King’s young alumni, defined as those who are age 40 or younger. A minimum of one award each year will be given to those young alumni who have made outstanding professional contributions to their field since graduating and have shown a strong commitment to the service of others.

2016 Recipient:     Dr. Richard B. Neufeld, '04

2015 Recipient:     Eric and Anita Whitaker Fields, '02 and '99

2014 Recipient:     Dr. Heather M. Whitney, '03

2013 Recipient:     Bridgett Campbell Tsepas, '04, '07

2012 Recipient:     Andrew Jebasingh, '02

2011 Recipient:     J. Jasen Eige,  '94

2010 Recipient:     Dottie Kizer Weigel, '99

2009 Recipient:    Jason Mumpower, ‘95
2008 Recipient:    Jerry Caldwell, ‘97
2007 Recipient:    Amy Garret Ryan, '91
2006 Recipient:    Theodore M. “Tad” Hutcheson, Jr., '89
2005 Recipient:    Tariq Zaidi, '90
2004 Recipient:    Scott Peak, '94

Graduate and Professional Studies Award

In 2007, King University began awarding the Graduate and Professional Studies Award to alumni from our GPS programs who exemplify the university's goals of excellence, achievement, and stewardship. Qualified candidates will have made outstanding contributions in their field since graduating and shown a strong commitment to the service of others.

2016 Recipient:    Beth D. Rhinehart, '05 MBA

2015 Recipient:    Tommy A. Sparks, '05 BSN, '08 MBA, '15 MSN

2014 Recipient:    Christina Blevins, '10 MBA

2013 Recipient:    Robin Foreman, '04, '07

2012 Recipient:    Carolyn Ferrell, BBA '06, MBA '09

2011 Recipient:     Patrick "Pat" Kane, '09 MBA

2010 Recipient:    Teresa Stephens, '09 MSN   

2008 Recipient:    Mary Lee Williams, ’90, ’03 MBA
2007 Recipient:    Sarah Hudson James, '05 BBA

Volunteer of the Year Award

In 2007, King University began awarding the Volunteer of the Year Award to alumni who have committed a significant portion of their time and talents to furthering the mission of the University, either through their service to King or within their own communities and throughout the world in a volunteer capacity. From stuffing and taking mailings to the post office, to being a point of contact for other volunteers, an institution the size of King would not be able to function without the faithful efforts of its volunteers.

2016 Recipient:     Samantha N. Lane, '11

2015 Recipient:     Barbara Cross

2014 Recipient:     Dr.  David H. Hopper, '72

2012 Recipient:     Jewel Bell

2011 Recipient:     Carol Smith Green, '79

2010 Recipients:   Miller and Anne Liston, '59, '57   

2009 Recipients:   Randy and Nancy Cook, ‘68
2008 Recipient:     Richard Barr, ‘66
2007 Recipient:     Elizabeth Whitlow "Bettie" Hite, '63

Legacy Award

In 2009, King University conveyed a new award, the Legacy Award.  King is blessed to have numerous families who have sent more than one student to the University. The award recognizes their commitment to King as well as their lifetime of service and achievement.

2016 Recipients: The Ridenour and Brantley Families

David L. Ridenour, Class of 1965
Carol Brantley Kendall, Class of 1965
David L. Brantley, Class of 1971
Julie Greer Brantley, Class of 1972
C. Dean Greer, Class of 1979
Michael D. Ridenour, Class of 1985
Lynne Ridenour Testerman, Class of 1986


2015 Recipients:     The Burns Family

                                     Timothy Burns, '95   
                                    Daniel Burns, '99
                                    Peter Burns, '96
                                    Jane Scanlan Burns, '96
                                    Deborah Burns Pasko, '00   

2014 Recipients:     The Buchanan Family

                                    Andrew "Bucky"  Buchanan, '56   
                                   Melanie Buchanan Sherrod, '78
                                   Emily Buchanan Sherrod, '13  
                                    Alice Barkley Buchanan, '65
                                   Thomas W. Buchanan, Jr., '65    
                                    John Timothy Buchanan, '69    

2013 Recipients:    The Winegard Family

                                 Chris Hall '09, '11
                                 Maggie (Wingard) Hall ’09
                                 Sarah Wingard ’97

2012 Recipients:    The Whitner Family

                                 Geraldine “Gerry” Whitner, '57
                                  Steve Whitner, '87
                                 Tracy Robeson Whitner, '89
                                 Jim Robeson, '60
                                 Lansford Robeson, '62
                                 Jerry Ward, '60
                                  Carolyn Lansford Ward, '60
                                  Rebecca Horn Henderson, 91

2011 Recipients:  The McClintock Family

                                 John W. McClintock, Jr.
                                John W. McClintock, lll, '74
                                  Michael McClintock, '76
                                Partick McClintick, '87

2009 Recipients:  The Hale Family

                                 Henry E. “Ted” Hale, IV, ‘60 
                                 David L. Hale, ‘61 
                                 Samuel W. Hale, ‘64 
                                  Daniel E. Hale, ‘69